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Creative Agency Research


A collection of screenshots and related analysis of 40 prominent digital agency homepages.

// How can I use this?
If you're a human creating a personal webpage, or an agency tooling up your own, why waste time sending your employees on a mad page-hunt through the internets? It's already done for you. Here you go.

Get a good idea of predominant visual and copy styles on some of the best creative agency pages around.

Or use this research for fun. If you're a designer or a visual design enthusiast, you might enjoy browsing the collected designs. All in one central place. Ripe for exploration. Drift away into a blissful sea of good design.

// How are the screenshots organized?
In the Creative Agency Screenshots folder, I organized it by page type:
1. About Us
2. Landing
3. Work

// When did you do this research?
I completed this research in the winter of 2015.

Yes, some of the sites have changed since then. But good design is eternal.

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